Teaching Piano – My Philosophy

Teaching is a fascinating challenge. If a student really desires to play but obstacles are preventing the body from functioning correctly, then finding the exercises that will free the body and release the student’s expression is very rewarding to the teacher. I avoid blaming the student and I have never encountered a single student who couldn’t learn to play.  Making the piano sing is a great experience, whether or not a person ever chooses to do it in public. The physical sensation is warm, exciting and builds self-esteem. When a person develops their inner and personal musical feeling to any degree they gain a confidence that spills over into job interviews, working in business and just about every facet of life.  Learning is hard because we have to practice problem-solving in order to improve, but when we learn even a single piece, it is a huge accomplishment for the brain and we benefit from the skills obtained. I get a good feeling seeing this development in others and it really is a pleasure to teach.